Anuschka Handbags Reviews

Anuschka Handbags Reviews

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Anuschka HandbagsAnuschka Handbags

Anuschka handbag is the fine hand painted handbag I have ever seen. It is very unique and beautiful handbag that is different among other designer handbags in the market. The handbag is designed by well handcraftsmanship with fully attention of details like the perfection of colors, design lines, shapes and stitches.

Swapan Basu was the founder of Anuschka handbags who wanted to introduce hand painted fashion accessories including wallets and handbags. With the help of the family member, in 1984 he started designing his signature handbags with the name “Anuschka”. It means ‘like no other’, and in the early year of 2000 the company was established. After that, the Anuschka handbags had become one of the famous fashion accessories brands in the market.

To maintain the design and style of the products, Anuschka handbags set to be designed by young artists who love to create new innovation and creation to compete the handbags in the latest fashion trends.

If you are a fashion accessories lover, I am sure you will turn your eyes to spot one of the best Anuschka handbags. There are several large handbags to choose from like hobo handbags, tote handbags, shoulder handbags and satchels. You can also get an evening handbag like clutch handbags, cosmetic bags, wallets purse or even organizer purse as well.

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Many people said that Anuschka handbags have a very unique identity and beautiful design with the exquisite painting and the colors are shimmer saturated. The handbags are made of the finest soft butter leather with high quality and durability.

If you are buying an Anuschka handbag, you are about to invest your money on piece of art that can live on a life time. However, there are limited designs and styles for these handbags as because of of the well hand painted talented young artists who want to create a different painting on each of every handbag.

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