Dior Bags and Dior Handbags Overview

Dior Bags and Dior Handbags Overview

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Christian Dior was born in Grenville, France in 1905. His family moved to Paris, the capital city of France when he was 5 years old. After his mother and brother death, he moved to Soviet. He had a financial problem until one of his old friends helped him to start building a career in sketching and making the dresses.

Christian Dior start sketching and making the dresses and selling them. Some of the celebrities love his creations and purchase them. In 1941, he moved back to Paris and joined one of the top designers, Lucien Lelong. Five years later, he decided to build his own shop and continued sketching and making the dresses with his creative design.

He released his first collection about 90 outfits in different sketches.  After that, he always looked for something more fashionable in clothing designs for women in Paris. He introduced the rounded shoulder pattern and loose skirts of his collection. He tried to create a clothing design that can bring back the women’s fashion style to a beauty and feminine look with the high quality materials, like in the 1930’s and he created the crocodile collection.

This collection was loved by so many celebrities from all over the world while some people and governments against it because of the clothing line. But, he continued releasing the new lines of clothing design almost every six months until he got 22 new lines of clothing designs.

He died in 1957, and the fashion world thought the Christian Dior Company was devastated. However, the world was shocked when the new Christian Dior design came out. When he died, the company had over 1000 employees. The company continued dominating the fashion industry by using the Christian Dior name.

In 1960’s Christian Dior rocked the fashion world with the leather motorcycle jackets that were made of alligator skin. In 1961 Mark Bohan took over the company and release his fisrt collection “Slim Line” under Christian Dior name. It was the first success for him in the fashion industry by using Christian Dior name.

After that, the company was expanded to all over the world by opening Christian Dior Stores in world big cities like Paris, Las Vegas, Hollywood, New York and many more. Company continued manufacturing the high luxurious clothing such as shoes, scarves, hats, gown, handbags and other fashion accessories.  And they added more products like perfume, cologne, necklace, earrings and many more.

Christian Dior Bags

Dior bag and Dior handbags are the famous fashion designer products of Christian Dior. Christian Dior Bags are very classy and elegant because of the designs, styles, shapes, colors and materials. That’s why the authentic Christian Dior Bags are very expensive and some of them cost more than thousand dollars.

The Dior bag is very fashionable with the sleek design. One of the famous bags from Christian Dior is Soft Leather Lady Dior Tote Bag with the following features:

  • Made from soft leather with very well stitching
  • Magnetic top snap closure
  • It has interior security strap
  • “DIOR” letter on the gold tone hardware
  • Double leather hard handles
  • The suede leather lined interior
  • Zippered pocket and cell phone pocket

Dior handbags are very popular yet difficult to find the authentic one in the market. There are so many replica Dior handbags on the website, so you have to be careful when you are buying it. You can buy from the Dior official website or some of the most trusted websites like Amazon, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bluefly and Bergdorf Goodman.

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