How to Identify Authentic Fendi Bags

How to Identify Authentic Fendi Bags

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If you love the designer handbags, you will know fendi handbags. Fendi handbags are one of the top designer handbags in the world handbag industry. Since the brand became a popular, you would see so many fendi bags in the market. However, the authentic fendi bags are sold only in few authorized stores. So, most fendi bags in the market are replica one. Even if you go online and looking for the fendi bags, you will see many replica fendi handbags are sold online with very cheap price. Don’t get fooled by the counterfeiter if you like to get the authentic fendi bag.

Authentic fendi bags are high quality and beautiful with the perfect craftsmanship by the experts. The bags are spectacular and well known as one of the most desirable designer handbags for many people especially celebrities, models, and movie stars. That’s why authentic fendi bags have a high price tags in the market.

If you are willing to buy authentic fendi handbags online, you have to be careful to not getting the replica one. In this case you need to know how to identify the authentic fendi bags, so you can stay away from the replica one. Here are the steps on how to identify the authentic fendi bags:

  • Serial Number

The first thing you need to identify whether the handbags are real of fake is the serial number. Every authentic fendi bag has one serial number printed right inside the handbag while the fake fendi bag has none or even double serial number with other handbags. Recently, so many counterfeiters put serial number on their handbags. So you need to be more careful when buying the authentic one. Ask the seller about the serial number? If they don’t want to tell you the truth with so many reasons, I am sure the handbags are fake one. Don’t buy from this seller, you are not worth it to waste your money on replica bags.

  • Material

Check the handbag in details. Look at the handles and straps, the real fendi bags have leather on the handles and straps while counterfeiters combine the leather with some other materials like vinyl or even syntactic leather.

  • Stitching

After material you can start looking at the stitching all over the handbag. If you find uneven or crooked stitches on any part of the handbag, it means the handbag is definitely fake one. The real fendi are always stitched evenly and lined up with the high quality threads.

  • Buckles

The buckles on the authentic fendi will always be square and perfectly uniform while the knockoff fendi not. If you find the buckle smaller on one side than the other, it is a knockoff fendi bag.

  • Zippers

Take a look at the zippers they use for the authentic one. Authentic fendi uses high quality zippers and sewn exactly even and matched with color of the handbag while replica fendi uses low quality zippers that sometimes you can find lose stitches or uneven sewn on the handbag.

After you have done all the steps above, lastly but most importantly you should ask the question to the seller about the authenticity of the bag. If you find the information unclear or there is something to hide, don’t buy from this store. The authorized stores for fendi products have a good knowledge and information about the fendi handbags, they will answer all doubts you ask about the handbags confidently and professionally.

The bottom line: when you are buying the authentic fendi bags online, you should know how to identify the authentic fendi bags to make sure you are buying the real one.

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