Replica Bags – How to Spot Replica Coach Handbags

Replica Bags – How to Spot Replica Coach Handbags

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Replica BagsReplica Bags

Coach handbags are one of the most popular designer handbags in the world. Most women accessorize their wardrobe with many designer handbags including coach handbags and coach purses. Since these bags have become the most favorite purses among other designers, you will see a lot of handbag manufactures trying to make the replica handbags that really look like theauthentic coach handbags.

In order to get the authentic coach purses, you should know how to spot the replica one. Here are some tips and guide how to determine the replica coach handbags:

  • Leather

Coach is using the buttery leather. Counterfeiters are using the thick and stiff leather. Coach has put at least one Coach Stamp on every product with the outlined word “COACH”, “LEATHERWARE” and “EST.1941” are below it.

Serial Number

Every authentic coach bag has a serial number without any spacing on each of every letter. It looks like this: NoM05J-125. If you don’t find the serial number on your bag, it means your bag is a fake one. However, there are replica coach purses out there with the serial number. You have to check it carefully that the serial number is correct or incorrect form.


Coach handbags are well stitched with very small, tidy and tight stitches. They are carefully checked and use the high quality threads. The replica bags are usually stitched uneven with low quality threads. They usually have sloppy stitches on their bags.


Original coach purses have a great fob. The real coach bags have a metal fob with the Coach Stamp on the front and on the back horizontally across the edge of the fob. The leather fobs of real coach have very well stitches as well. The fake coach has low quality metal fob and without a Coach Stamp. The leather fob of replica one doesn’t seem to have the good stitches, it is usually sloppy stitched. The fobs are bigger and thicker than the original one.


Authentic coach zippers have Letters that say “YKK” either metal zippers or leather zippers. If you find different letters on the zippers or even if you find bigger and chubby piece of leather zippers, it is probably the replica one.

Fabric Interior

Coach is using cotton or satin for fabric interior lining. Sometimes Coach uses silk with “CC” signature fabric as well. The interior of coach handbags are made from the solid cotton material with a thick feel and horizontal line pattern. The fabric lining is using the contrast color with the exterior color.  But, sometimes Coach is using the homogeneous color for the classic design. It is depending on the exterior color and pattern. The fake one is using the cheap quality fabric lining. Sometimes you will find a crooked pattern. It is definitely a replica coach handbag.

Exterior Accessories

Coach emblem is always stamped with the Coach Stamp in proper form. Each of every hardware and button is stamped with the words “COACH” and “LEATHERWARE”. Those words are boxed in with an outline and followed with the letters “EST.1941” below. To see the right form of Coach Stamp, you may visit the official coach website.

You may also find some authentic coach purses have “O-Rings”. These O-rings are made from a real brass or other heavy duty materials. They don’t spin because they are welded very well.  They all are the same size and color. This is to show the quality of well craftsmanship from Coach company. The replica handbags O-rings are made from a fake brass. They are plated to look like  a real one and they are usually not well welded, that is why they sometimes spin. You can easily see the different with the authentic one.


Authentic coach handbags are not cheap as the replica one. You don’t get tempted with the cheap coach handbags because they may be the fake one.

Country of Origin Label

Coach is an American brand. If you find a coach purse made in China or some other countries, it is definitely a replica coach purse.

It is good idea to know how to spot the replica coach handbags, so you will not get fooled with the cheap coach handbags and in fact it is not the authentic one. You’d better invest to buy the authentic coach handbags, rather than buying the replica one. Once you get it, you will love it and feel satisfied.

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