How to Spot Fake Fendi Bags

How to Spot Fake Fendi Bags

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Fendi handbag is one of the top designer handbags. Fendi is well known brand in the handbags industry and other fashion accessories. You will find many Fendi handbags out there in many different styles and designs. Fendi spy bag is one of the most popular bags in the market, but it is very expensive handbag. You will spend a thousand dollar or even more to buy the authentic Fendi spy bags. That’s why there are so many fake Fendi bags in the market for the alternative. However, buying the authentic Fendi bag is much better for the quality and design purposes.

If you are buying an authentic Fendi bag online, you should buy from Fendi official website or other authorized websites that sell authentic Fendi handbags like Amazon, eluxury, Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue. If there are websites selling cheap Fendi handbags, out of those websites I mentioned, you should be careful because it may be a fake Fendi handbag.

To know if the handbag is authentic or fake, you should know how to spot fake Fendi Handbags. Here are the best tips on spotting fake Fendi Bags:


Authentic Fendi bags have bubbly and butter soft leather and counterfeits are using low quality leather with the hard texture.


Look at the stitching, authentic Fendi bag is well stitched and perfectly straight while replica one has uneven stitches with the low quality threads.

Fendi Logo

Counterfeits have rough logo printed on the surface of the material while authentic Fendi has engraved perfectly the logo into leather, not on the surface. You will find the different if you run your hand over the material.

Fendi Hardware

Authentic Fendi hardware has been engraved with Fendi logo carefully and the fake one has no perfect Fendi logo on the hardware, rough and inexpertly engraved.

Serial Number

Authentic Fendi Handbags have the serial number printed on the leather inside the handbag and normally only numbers. The replica Fendi handbags have the serial number with some letters included.

Authenticity Card

Most fake Fendi bags have “FOG” letter on the serial number. Authentic Fendi bags have authenticity card made of leather.

Hologram Sticker

The hologram sticker is to distinguish the authentic Fendi bags from the counterfeits. It has a code that can be viewed only with special device. Counterfeits don’t have the hologram sticker for their handbags, it is too pricey for them.

Origin of label

Fendi is Italian Brand, if you find a Fendi bag made in China or some other countries out of Italy, it is definitely a replica Fendi bag.

There so many ways to spot the replica Fendi Bags, those are just few example. When you are buying Fendi handbag from eBay, you should be careful because so many fake designer bags that look like the authentic one. You should ask the serial number to the seller and check the seller reputation to make sure you get the right designer product.

If you want to get better deal on buying the authentic Fendi handbag, you should check it out on Amazon, they have great offer for it like discount or sale on some Fendi bags you may like. You will get the authentic Fendi bag with better deal on Amazon, so you can save a few hundred dollars for the next handbags you may be interested in.

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