Vintage Handbags are Unique and Antique Handbags

Vintage Handbags are Unique and Antique Handbags

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Vintage handbagsVintage handbags

Vintage handbags are something unique, antique and stylish handbags for certain people. Many celebrities love to collect vintage handbags, vintage jewelries and other vintage accessories. They want to remind us that the fashion has begun in very long time ago. By having the vintage handbags, it shows us that fashion handbags and designer handbags have been created in last many years. These handbags are made from a rich array of materials such as crocodile skin, calf skin, ostrich, lizard, snake skin, and so on.

Vintage handbags come in many different types of bag. There are vintage satchels, duffels, totes, or even vintage evening bags. The design of bag is very unique style and more natural, they also use metal plaque logo for each designer bag to show the quality.

Vintage designer handbags are great choice for the collections. The handbags were made from the quality leather with the classic style and they were well stitched as well. I know, it’s not as good as new designer handbags, but it has a good touch of well designed handbags from the popular designer. You may get vintage alligator handbags in the classic Kelly style, vintage clutch bags, or even vintage Coach handbags from 1940s.

There are some popular vintage handbag makers like Koret, Lewis, Dofan, Mulberry, Bonnie Cashin, Resenfeld, Dover, Morris Moskowitz, Andrew Geller and many more. From 1960s, vintage black patent leather Givenchy handbag is still great bag to collect. The bag has Givenchy logo at the front and the brass label inside says: “Givenchy/Paris”. This bag is made from black patent leather, lining is high quality leatherette, and zippered pockets, strap and trim are faux snake skin. This is one of the great vintage bags.

Vintage designer bags are not so expensive or even cheaper than you ever expected. It depends on the condition, design, beading, material and rarity.  But, make sure when you are buying avintage handbag, you are choosing the good condition one. Don’t buy a handbag that has too much damage, you don’t want your handbag to get too much repaired afterward. So, buy the vintage bags from the great website that provides the detail and information on each of every bag.

Having a vintage handbag for the collection will give you extra value for the uniqueness and the history. I mean, you may get a handbag that has the first magnetic closure ever used on designer handbag history. You may even want to get a genuine Hermes leather bag at the cheaper price while you can’t afford to buy the new one. As long as you have a vintage bag in a great condition, I am sure nobody will notice it as a vintage handbag.

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